man you can tell everyone who posts those zodiac posts have someone they hate b/c it’ll be like

aries: strong :)

taurus: great :)

gemini: fake bitch

cancer: emotional :)

leo: determined :)

virgo: sneaky asshole

libra: smart :)

scorpio: vengeful shitlord

sagittarius: alright :)

capricorn: hardworker :)

aquarius: wackiest fakest bitch

pisces: good :)

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my cat keeps checking his food bowl as if more food will just suddenly show up…. which I guess is pretty accurate, so fair play to him

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scientists have now confirmed that the first syllable, which was uttered by the universe itself in its first moments of expansion and continues unbroken to this day, was “yi-“, and research leads us to believe that in the death throes of the universe, the last great cosmic shudder will be heard as “-ikes”

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Tonight I went on a wild adventure called “my cat needs a cat hospital”

he is okay, but I have to go to temple more often because I made some DEALS

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Last night I hung with the dude who cofounded 5 second films (an excellent human being) and was vomited on alongside him

overall, the night was a solid B+

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hello pals, it has been an incredibly long couple of days but oh boy do I have some new wild stories

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Bad credit? No credit? First time buyer? First time baby? No legs? 8 legs? You a spider? Are you a Spider trying to buy a house?

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next time you embarrass yourself just remember that one of the white dudes who runs rapgenius recorded a diss against das racist because he was mad they described rapgenius as ‘white devil sophistry’ in one of their songs

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a teen romantic comedy where the female lead starts the movie in a ponytail and glasses, and ends the movie in a ponytail and glasses 

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i wanna feel how dogs feel when you let them go in a big field 

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reminder that the matrix trilogy was written and directed by a trans woman (lana wachowski) along with her brother

one of the most influential and iconic sci fi movies was created by a trans woman and MORE PEOPLE NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THIS!! lana wachowski is a babe and an inspiration, one of the few female directors in hollywood as well as one of the few transgender people in hollywood. 

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i am way too pooped to talk about global resource use (esp. food) and imperialism in a remotely coherent or comprehensive way but here’s a distilled version

resources aren’t endless, and their distribution often isn’t fair. eating in a way that minimizes individual impact is great, but global reduction requires a lot of cooperation. that means acknowledging and respecting each other’s culture. it also means that not everything is going to be fair or respectful because what happens when finite resources are unevenly distributed.

environmentalism that comes from one specific culture interacting with the traditions&heritage of another culture is complex, and has been complex for a pretty long time, but let’s leave like…. idk. whales for another night, yeah? go read up on modern whaling, and who is allowed to do it, and why, and how that’s working out. that’s a really good place to start looking at resources and respect and culture and stewardship

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